The Religious Life of Our School

At OLR the Religious Life ​of our School (RLOS) is guided by the OLR Vision for Spirituality:
"Our school community is recognised by a spirituality of warmth and welcome extended to all. This builds our connectedness to one another, to our natural and built environments, to our broader community, and to our God.  Person​al and communal prayer are integral to our way of life, as we act with gentleness, justice, and compassion on behalf of families: locally, nationally and globally. The unique spirit of each child develops in connection with the spirituality of the community."
The RLOS is interwoven in everything we do at OLR. Students learn about being religious in a particular way. Teachers teach about the ways in which Catholics practise their religion. The RLOS is seen in the way in which the staff, students and community relate, interact and come together to share Catholic Christian rituals, celebrations and practices.

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