Student, Parent and Guardian Complaints Management Policy


Complaints are an important source of information for the organisation in identifying issues and risks and improving processes and systems. There may be times when members of our school community have genuine grievance. Such times are an opportunity for information gathering, reflection and evaluation which can lead to new knowledge and understandings while respecting the dignity of all concerned. We must be accountable for our actions while maintaining right relationships.


This policy will ensure that complaints from students, parents and guardians are managed consistently and in accordance with the Australian Standard on complaints management and relevant legislation.

Policy Statement

Our Lady of the Rosary School is committed to effective complaints management by managing student, parent and guardian complaints in an accountable, transparent, timely and fair manner, while protecting the health and safety of staff through proactive management of unreasonable complainant conduct.


In managing a complaint from a student, parent or guardian, the following principles apply:

  • People focus: building trusting relationships by respecting individuals and the community. Students, parents, guardians and staff have a right to voice complaints.
  • Local resolution: resolve complaints promptly and at the point of receipt, where possible.
  • Responsiveness: resolve complaints in a fair and timely manner.
  • Objectivity and fairness: apply procedural fairness and withhold judgement.
  • No detriment: students, guardians and staff are not adversely affected because they have made a complaint.
  • Learn, improve, grow: improving services by learning from complaints.


  • That all people are treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Work with school employees to resolve the complaint.
  • Provide the school with a clear description of the complaint and desired outcome.
  • Provide all relevant documentation when the complaint is made.
  • Understand that resolving complaints may take some time.
  • Understand that unreasonable conduct may lead to the complaint not being processed.
  • It is recognised that each of us may perceive the same reality differently.
  • That each party is listened to and that confidentiality is maintained.
  • That the restoration of relationships is a desired outcome.

Guidelines & Procedures

Stage 1 - The aggrieved person attempts to meet with the other party to discuss the grievance.

Stage 2 - The relevant teacher or coordinator is contacted and a resolution is attempted.

Stage 3 - If no resolution can be reached, a member of the Leadership Team is contacted, the situation is investigated and a resolution is attempted.

Stage 4 - If dissatisfied with the school's complaints process, a student, parent or guardian may submit a written request for a review to the principal.  Complaints about the principal must be submitted in writing to the School Operations, GPO Box 1201, Brisbane QLD 4001.