Explicit Improvement Agenda

A school's Explicit Improvement Agenda (EIA) is the focus and core learning priority of a purposeful and collaborative approach to enhancing education outcomes. Each year our explicit improvement agenda focuses on an area within our school for targeted improvement.

At Our Lady of the Rosary, we identify student learning needs and areas needing improvement across the school through the use of school & student data. An Explicit Improvement Agenda (EIA) is then developed with short, medium and long-term goals as well as building a shared understanding of what improvement strategies look like in classrooms. Our explicit improvement agenda ensures clarity, alignment and collective effort toward enhancing education quality and student outcomes at OLR.

​Our EIA is designed to ensure that every student at our school receives the best possible education as we continually aim to develop and improve our practices. 

2024 – Maths Focus

This year our EIA goal is to develop a consistent whole-school pedagogical approach to Mathematics that promotes problem-solving and reasoning to stretch and challenge our students. 

EIA - Maths sml.png

2021, 2022 & 2023 – Reading Focus

For the past 3 years, we have been focusing on reading and have seen great improvement and progress in our students' reading levels across the school.

EIA - Reading sml.png