Wakakirri Movie 2021

The OLR Wakakirri Movie

It all began with the picture book "Same, but little bit diff'rent" written by Kylie Dunstan, after a literature focus on First Nations people during library visits. Our students identified common themes represented in these picture books but really enjoyed the simplicity of this story. It showcased how the two main characters joyfully shared details about their lives and celebrated the similarities as much as the differences. Seeing it through children's eyes highlights the good in humankind, and shows a future with hope, where connections are stronger between us all.
This project ran during term 2, 3, & 4, where students from Years 3-6 were invited to be involved. Our students have produced 90% of the material through the following:
- script writing scenes/movements/acting
- prop & costume development/construction
- stage design using Minecraft
- mixing music & sound effects in Garage band to create soundtrack
- dance group choreography for 6 scenes
- stage movement with props & acting
- filming from different angles
- editing scenes & incorporating soundtrack in iMovie
We really hope you enjoy watching our movie as much as we enjoyed making it!