Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

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Telephone: 0428 246 222

Email: caloundraoshc@catholicearlyedcare.qld.edu.au

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School Outside School Hours Care service opened in May 2006. Since then many children have walked through our doors to a program that helps children have diverse social interactions, be challenged and develop individual life skills while having fun.

We are located across from the prep building at Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School. We are part of the school and parish community providing a friendly and caring environment for children.

Throughout the year we offer before school care (6:30am - 8:45am), after school care (3:00pm - 6:00pm), vacation care and pupil free days care to students of Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School and other schools in the local community. Through our care we are committed to providing a safe environment which cater to children’s ages, skills, interests and developmental abilities.